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New Earned Income Credit Poster for 2020

The state Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC) has updated the Earned Income Credit (EIC) panel for 2020.­­ All Louisiana businesses are required to post this poster panel at their place of business so employees can see it.

As a benefit of your LSBA membership, we are providing you with a FREE copy of this new panel, which is enclosed with the February 2020 hard copy mailed newsletter. In order to be in compliance with this state posting requirement, simply put this panel over the old EIC poster panel from 2018, which is contained in the All-in-One poster set that LSBA has provided your business.

One of the benefits of your membership in LSBA is that we keep you informed about any federal or state poster changes so that you will always be up-to-date on poster requirements, and we are usually able to provide all new or updated posters to you at no charge just for being an LSBA member.

Note: Members who renew their membership in LSBA for 2020 will receive a new All-in-One labor law poster for your workplace. This poster contains all required federal and state employment postings.­ The enclosed new EIC panel from the LWC is the only panel that has changed at the start of the new year.­ If you have an existing set of posters that were sent to you in 2019 after your dues renewal was received, those posters are still up to date.­ The only change is the EIC panel.

Click here to download additional copies of the new 2020 EIC poster.

Published: 02/04/2020

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