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Requirements for Hiring Minors Under 18

If your business employs teenagers under the age of 18, there are several laws and regulations you must comply with.  In addition to the required minimum wage, limitations on work hours, driving restrictions and types of employment prohibited for employees under 18, and the Louisiana Minor Labor Law Placard poster you have to display at your workplace, employers must obtain an Employment Certificate from the proper authorities and keep on file as long as the minor is working at your business.

Before the minor begins working, you need to both fill out the “Application to Employ Minors Under Age 18” form.  This form is published by the Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC), and can be downloaded below.

>> Download and print the “Application to Employ Minors Under Age 18” form. <<

After you have completed and signed "Employer Information" section for the employer, give the form to the minor, who needs to fill out the "Applicant Information" section and have a parent sign the form giving their consent.  Then, the minor needs to take the completed form to an authorized issuing location to obtain an Employment Certificate.

Employment Certificates are issued by the following authorities:

  • The parish or city public school superintendent or their designated representative.
  • The principal of a public or private school or his or her designated representative.
  • A parent or legal guardian if the student is a home study program participant.

After the minor is issued an Employment Certificate, he or she needs to bring you the certificate so that you can keep it on file as long as the minor is working at your business.

If you have any questions about the Louisiana minor labor law requirements, please call the LSBA offices at (844) 242-LSBA (5722) and ask for Lance or Erin.

Published: 05/28/2014

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